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We deal with import Electromechanical Items and complete solution of Swimming Pool, Fountain, Waterfall,
Jacuzzi, Sauna Room, Steam Bath, Fish Keeping and Water Purification including Installation, Service,
Equipment’s and Accessories with several other items. Peerage Gallery takes great pride in professionalism, rigorous quality control & engineering process. We invite you to see yourself how Peerage Gallery will serve your purpose in your way.

Bangladesh is growing at a constant rate of above 6% for about a decade and the material prosperity of the country and its inhabitants are witnessing fast changes in the life style of the people. According to a recent survey, Bangladesh has over 20,000 millionaires in US dollar terms. Many of these people have been exposed to a life style enjoyed by plenty in the west. Many want to improve and have the means to improve but do not have access to the services that they need for Leisure & Pleasure.

Peerage Gallery With an aim to provide such items at your doorstep, we endeavor initially to provide following items & services which hopefully would increase gradually to other areas of life style changes. At Peerage Gallery we have a strong commitment to the nature that surrounds us.

We continually challenge industry standards in sustainability and performance and we succeed in  delivering products of the highest quality, while being mindful of what materials we use and the footprint its use leaves

Our staff specialists completed trainings on design, assembly, installation and operating of the equipment. We have done, A to Z water projects with the collaboration of overseas Water Machineries Companies or all of these developments can be completed with our companies experts.

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