Commercial Fibreglass Pool Cartridge Filters

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Commercial Fibreglass Swimming Pool Sand Filters Pools Filtration With Oil Guage Plate 1200mm To 2500mm Diameter


1. Fiberglass Sand Filters are constructed by the advanced engineering technology.

2. The improvement of the flow ability provides an extra pure water filtration.

3. The Fiberglass winding design allows the filter to have extra strength and resistance to chemical and corrosives and UV.

4. Fiberglass Sand Filters are most suitable for the application of public swimming pool, aquiculture and industrial water treatment.


1. Fiberglass reinforced tank with UV resistant surface finish.

2. Internal surface of the tank is finished with chemical resistant resin.
3. Sand filter to have extra strength with uniform wall thickness.
4. Unique designed Distribution System makes a stable and efficient water flow.

Working Condition:
Max. Working Pressure 250 kPa
Factory Testing Pressure: 400 Kpa
Max. Water Temperature: 43Cent.Degree (109F)
Max. Filtration Velocity: 50m3/h/m2
Size of Silica Sand: 0.5-0.8mm
Size of Gravel: 1.0mm-2.0mm
Filter is not to be used when there is back press

Φ1200 X 1400mm(CCG1200)
Φ1400 X 1600mm(CCG1400)
Φ1600 X 1750mm(CCG1600)
Φ1800 X 1950mm(CCG1800)
Φ2000 X 2140mm(CCG2000)
Φ2350 X 2350mm(CCG20900)
Φ2500 X 2450mm(CCG201000)


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