Fiberglass Above Ground Pool Sand Filters

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Detailed Product Description
Material: Fiberglass Pump: 1.0HP Pool Pump
Color: Blue Connect Size: 1.5 Inches
Filter: 21 Inches Color Of Base & Valve: Black
21 Inch Fiberglass Swimming Pool Sand Filters With White Or Black Base With 1.0HP Pump Set

Model Pipe size Filter Area Design flow Sand weight Matching Pump Voltage Standard volume Standard weight
(inches) m2 m3/h 0.4-0.8mm (kg) HP V m3 kg
GB400 1.5 0.11 6.3 28 0.35 220 0.17 15
GB450 1.5 0.14 8.0 50 0.50 220 0.18 18
GB500 1.5 0.20 11.5 80 1.00 220 0.28 20
GB650 1.5 0.30 16.0 160 1.20 220 0.41 25

Working pressure: 2.5kg/cm2

Testing pressure: 4kg/cm3

Maximum temperature: 43 degree

Size of sand: 0.5-0.8mm


Fiberglass sand filters Systems are constructed by the latest engineering technology. Fiberglass reinforced tank with unequaled strength and durability. These systems equipped with top-mount filter and centrifugal pump.
Fiberglass sand filters Systems are the most recommendable equipment for the application of swimming pool.

Product features:

The Multi-function switch is installed on the top of the sand filter. The inner core is made of high quality resin and fiberglass and smooth h Acrylic material.

This product is widely used in swimming pools, massage pools, spring pools and water treatment facilities of water cleansing.

1.Sturdy and durable, have good filter effects.
2.anti – UV anti- aging.
3.Multi-function switch ( please see the specification).
4.anti- chemical corrosion.
5.With the mirror for observation of water and pressure gauge for monitor the operation.
6.With the bottom valves for easy change the quartz sand.

1) Size: 14″-28″ sand filter and 0.5HP-2HP pump
2) Multi-valve functions of the filter:
a) Filter
b) Waste (water is drained directly)
c) Closed
d) Backwash
e) Re-circulate (circulating water to pool by pass filter)
f) Rinse (after backwash remaining dirt in valve is flushed)
3) Different filters and pumps available
4) Valve size: 40mm
5) Silica sand: 20-240kg
6) Design flow: 4.2-15.6cbm/hour
7) Tank diameter: 350-700mm
8) Filtration area: 0.09-0.312sqm


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