Fog Machine For Artificial Fog System

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Detailed Product Description
Material: Stainless Steel Power: 250W And 750W
Pressure: 80Bar Voltage: 220V
Flow Rate: 1L/Min, 3L/min Main Machine: Intelligent And External Control Type
Small Size Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Fog Machine For Artificial Fog System , Long Life


1. The host is divided into small high-pressure fog outside the control of smart host and type of host.
2. Intelligent control systems host with host and integration.
3. External control type to be an external control system host, the user can choose according to actual demand.
4. The models easy to operate, stable quality, noise, long life.
5. Wattanty:1 year
6. Passed the CE certification.

The Small Cool Fogging Machines have Intelligent and External Control types. Intelligent type is the unify of the main engine and the control system; External Control type needs the external control programme, the users can choose by their requests.

Model Flow Rate Power Pressure Voltage Pump Type Dimensions(mm)
WF-M025-1L 1L / Min 250W 80Bar 220V Ceramic plunger 400 x 200 x 270
WF-M075-3L 3L / Min 750W 80Bar 220V Ceramic plunger

430 x 220 x 290


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