Home use commercial use sauna room

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Home use commercial use sauna room

  • sauna room
  • Sauna room size: 1200*1500*1900mm.
  • Suitable person: 2 person
  • Wood material: Hemlock
  • The function of sauna room
  • 1. light waves into the skin nutrition
  • 2. To achieve fitness, weight loss, beauty and body effects.
  • 3. Regulate health function, enhance immunity, eliminate sub-health status
  • 4. Make up the physical movement of physical and psychological
  • 5. Postpartum recovery to eliminate the disease
  • 6. Relax and relax stress Relax and relax

    What is SAUNA ROOM?

    Traditional sauna is the use of burning mineral stone, in the above water splashing steam, and modern is the use of far infrared and negative ions to the effect of sauna, sauna with weight loss, detoxification, rheumatism and other effects, much consumers.

    The equipment for the traditional sauna room

    1. Sauna bench

    2. Sauna pillow

    3. Sauna lamp and lamp shade

    4. Sauna heater

    5. Sauna stone

    6. Sauna heater protection shade

    7. Sauna barrel and spoon

    8. Sauna door

    9. Temperature and humidity table

    10. Sauna timer

    11. Sauna ventilation window etc

The sauna room effect

  • 1. In the high temperature environment can make the skin deep heat effect
  • 2. Blood vessels continue to shrink and expansion, exercise physiology,   called: vascular gymnastics
  • 3. Improve the permeability of epidermal cells, activation of cells
  • 4. Beauty skin care, anti-aging
  • 5. Prevention of disease


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