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Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Set
Size 960 X 955X1900mm 37.8 x 37.6x 74HT Inch
Color Wooden Colour Light Brown
Usage 1 Person Capacity

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Set
Size 960 X 955X1900mm 37.8 x 37.6x 74HT Inch
Color Wooden Colour Light Brown
Usage 1 Person Capacity

The Steamers Bangladesh Infrared sauna (Fine wood)

Infrared Sauna Single Seater Specifications:-

  • Dimensions: 900X1050X1900(mm)
  • Power: 1200(w)
  • 12 Volt operated ionizer


  • Interior Wood: Fine wood
  • Exterior Wood: fine wood
  • Power: 1600W
  • Ampage: 15.0 Amp
  • Rated Voltage: AC 220-240V
  • Carbon Heating nanoplate
  • Carbonwave Heaters: 5
  • Heating Area (m2): 1.93m2
  • Car CD/AUX/USB/SD/FM with RC
  • Color Therapy LED(inside)
  • Spotlight (outside)
  • 8mm Clear Tempered Glass
  • Cabinet Size: 900x1050x1900mm
  • (35.5″X41.5″X75″(in)

NET Weight: 113Kg
Gross Weight: 130Kg

Hypoallergenic fine wood woods
fine is a light colored wood with a fine grain and contemporary feel that has been chosen for its finish and hypoallergenic properties. Please see the right-hand column for more information.
External & internal control panel
The sauna’s temperature can be set either externally or internally using the control panel. Simply select your desired time and temperature settings and the sauna will heat up without the need to enter the sauna. In addition, there is a control panel inside the infrared sauna allowing you to control the time and temperature settings, without leaving the warmth of the sauna.
CD and FM/AM Tuner
Chosen for its high quality, CD tuner provides the quality finish to this luxury infrared sauna. The sound preset feature allows you to easily change the frequency response for different music types (rock, classical and pop).
Internal Lights
The lights within the sauna gives a relaxing ambiance, allowing you to comfortably read your favorite book or magazine whilst detoxifying.
Positional Back Rest
The moveable back rest can be repositioned to give extra comfort when relaxing in the sauna.
5 Carbonwave Heaters
Each carbon heater uses carefully selected raw materials, which create a highly efficient infrared sauna with low and even surface temperatures across the heater. The large surface area of the heaters means more infrared heat is emitted resulting in a fast heating time. The 5 heaters are positioned along the left, right and rear walls, calf and floor areas.
Carbonwave Heater Technology
Far infrared is part of the sun’s invisible spectrum and also naturally emitted by all living creatures. Utilizing a patented Nano technology the Steamers India CarbonWave Heaters provide output at optimum infrared wavelengths resulting in maximum health benefits.
Carbonwave Panels are large Flexible Carbon Fibre Panels that’s Emits Infrared. These Cutting-edge Panels are ultra-thin, Lightweight and safe-to-use with optimum output at 9.4mu to match the human body’s own output wavelength
Thick 6mm Tongue & Groove
The convex tongue from one piece of wood slots into the groove of another creating a secure, tight and flush joint. The 6mm tongue and groove finish results in a stronger, sturdier sauna construction.

Power & Plug
The sauna uses a low power consumption of 1600W and can be plugged into the wall with a standard 15 Amps plug 230 Volts.
Fast assembly
Straight forward, tool free assembly that can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.
No Visible fixings
All the sauna panels are constructed using hidden fixings. In addition, some wooden fixings use magnetic technology to further remove the need for unsightly screws and bolt

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